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The Movement of Entrepreneurs and Business people – the Liberal-democratic party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP)

The Movement of Entrepreneurs and Business people – the Liberal-democratic party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP)

The Founding Congress of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan took place on 15 November 2003.

Currently, the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, which unites more than 252 thousand members in 10,282 primary organizations of the party, is entering the elections as the leading political force.

The principal objectives of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan are:

First. Having organized into a political force, to discover new opportunities for broader activities of entrepreneurs, businesspeople and farmers, define their prospects both theoretically and practically, effectively protect the interests of this layer of society and ultimately secure a bright future for them. On behalf of this class, to enter the political arena of Uzbekistan and take our rightful place.

Second. To mobilize the forces and capabilities of the party to develop and implement, jointly with other parties and movements, the action programs that meet the national interests of the country and strategic perspectives of its development, relating mainly to the construction of a democratic state based on the principles of market economy, rule of law, and the creation of opportunities for the advancement of civil society, impart democratic values in the consciousness of citizens, particularly young people,.

Third. To ensure the party’s active participation in government and its influence on the emerging social attitudes, in furthering the political and economic reforms. To help address vital problems of socio-economic and political development of the nation, bolster the international standing of Uzbekistan, contribute to maintaining peace and tranquility, consolidating interethnic and civil harmony in the country. Make a worthwhile contribution to the education of young people in the spirit of respect, love and pride in their Motherland, always ready to protect and promote the independence, spiritual values, national and religious traditions and customs of the people, respect the interests of other ethnic groups, counter attempts to undermine their interests.

Fourth. To enrich the consciousness of the wider public with liberal democratic ideas and values, which constitute the political platform of the party, to organize and conduct well-reasoned work to promote the party policies to consolidate its rank. Nominate candidates, who have loyalty to the ideas of the party and have earned the trust of voters, to the representative and executive bodies of state power.

The highest governing body of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan is the Congress, which is held at least once every five years.

The central publication of UzLiDeP is the socio-political newspaper “XXI ASR”.

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