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The Social-democratic party of Uzbekistan “Adolat”

The Social-democratic party of Uzbekistan “Adolat”

Adolat (Justice) Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (Adolat SDPU) was founded on February 18, 1995, at the first Founding Congress of the party.

Adolat SDPU has currently 135,000 members who are united in 3,700 primary party organizations.

The key objective of Adolat Social Democratic Party is:

– active participation in building a democratic state with a rule of law, a robust and fair civil society, based on the socially-oriented market economy, as well as in the formation of spiritually cohesive society, which meets the interests of all ethnic groups living in Uzbekistan, where the equality of citizens before the law, their unity, constitutional rights and freedoms are secured.

Tasks of Adolat SDPU are:

– intensify democratic processes in consolidating the national independence;

– train people who serve the Motherland to cement the democratic and constitutional state in Uzbekistan;

– help citizens to realize their rights, freedoms and duties, uplift political culture;

– nurture the younger generation through studying our sacred cultural heritage based on national traditions and customs;

– build up relations among nations, promote friendship and unity, combat religious extremism and terrorism, propagandize unity, peace and harmony among religions and nations;

– develop the government executive system, train leaders and specialists who love their people and serve their Motherland;

– improve social life of citizens of the Republic, work out proposals and recommendations on providing for social protection of the people;

– develop international relations with other countries and support the foreign policy of the state;

– protect the rights and freedoms of skilled specialists, educators, physicians, engineers, technicians, scientists and others.

The supreme body of the party is the Kurultay (Congress).

Plenums of the Political Council of the party are held no less than twice a year.

The political newspaper “Adolat”, founded on February 22, 1995, is a primary publication of Adolat Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.

The official website and Email of the party:


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