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The People’s Democratic party of Uzbekistan

The People’s Democratic party of Uzbekistan

The People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (PDPU) was established during the founding congress on November 1, 1991.

The party has set up and operates 9,955 primary organizations, uniting the party directly.

Currently, the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan has more than 424.5 thousand members.

The key objectives of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan are:

–protection of the interests of populace in need of targeted and social protection of the state and society. This category of citizens are hired workers without professional qualification, permanent job or solid earnings; people with disabilities; senior citizens; low-income families; people in need of financial assistance, social benefits and other forms of targeted social protection. In addressing the social problems associated with the interests and vital needs of people, the party also counts on the support of those who are interested in harmonious social development and social safeguards in the future;

– creation of equal opportunities for everyone in career choices, education and reliable guarantees of employment after graduation; formation of a flexible system of pensions and social benefits to ensure full satisfaction of the vital needs of pensioners, persons with disabilities, children without parental care;

– further development of the initiatives of the party groups in the local councils of people's deputies in the elaboration and approval of medium-term investment programs to promote production of goods and services, balanced with regional job creating and training programs for specialists with secondary vocational education and higher education. Particular attention is paid to manufacturing competitive goods from local raw materials and the advancement of services with available necessary resources and in demand of the population.

The party has its own media.

The principal party newspapers are "Uzbekistоn Ovozi" published in Uzbek and the weekly "Golos Uzbekistana" in Russian.

The official website and Email of the party:


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