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Early voting begins

In accordance with Article 31 of the law “On elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, voters who cannot be in their place of permanent residence on election day have the right to vote early. Early voting starts 10 days before elections and finishes one day before them.

Early voting has begun in Bukhara Region too. Voters who desire to vote early submit an application to the relevant precinct electoral commission, specifying a reason for their being absent in their place of residence on election day.

Dilnoza Ochilova has voted at polling station No 60 in the town of Bukhara.

“I have taken part in voting for the first time. I received a ballot paper from the precinct electoral commission and voted for the candidate who I believe is worthy. I had to vote early because I am leaving for the capital of Belarus, Minsk, to participate in a taekwondo tournament as a member of our national team. All the necessary conditions have been created in our country for young people to train in sports and to realize their talent. Thanks to these possibilities I became three-times champion of Uzbekistan and a bronze medal winner in a world championship,” says Dilnoza.

Thousands of people work in the ore-extraction and fuel-energy spheres of the country. Some of them notify precinct electoral commissions that they cannot be in their place of permanent residence on election day, and vote early.

“We work on a rotational basis. 4 December coincides with my business trip to the neighbouring region. Therefore I exercised my right to vote early,” says a driver, Ghayrat Sattorov, who voted early at polling station No 426 in Shofirkon District.

The ballot papers of those who have voted early are put in envelopes and sealed and kept at their polling station. Their votes will be counted as will all other votes after general voting concludes on election day.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA


25November 2016

Current topics